Race and the Whitewashing of History in our Textbooks

The Americans, p. 291.
The Americans, p. 494. Even in newer editions of this book, the text has remained the same.
Lynching photograph from Georgia, mid-1930s.
Like the memorial sign for Emmett Till, the one for Mary Turner can often be found riddled with bullet holes.
The lynching of Henry Smith, in Paris, Texas, 1893. So many people came to watch, the event was moved to the fairground and a platform was built so more people could see. Notice the perverse use of the word “Justice.”
The postcard made from a photograph of the lynching of Jesse Washington, 1916.
The Americans, p. 494.
The Americans, p. 600




Educator. Historian. Filmmaker. http://www.bellbookcamera.com

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Bruce Janu

Bruce Janu

Educator. Historian. Filmmaker. http://www.bellbookcamera.com

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